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Friends of Sumi-e Information

Friends of Sumi-e painting group is created with the merger of two Japanese brush painting groups in 2023, Washu-Kai and Taka Sumi-e Society.

Benefits of joining Friends of Sumi-e

Workshops, museum field trips, outdoor field trips to sketch and paint in nature, potlucks, holiday parties, and two annual art shows at San Diego's beautiful Balboa Park are just some of the opportunities students have to expand their knowledge of sumi-e and to enjoy socializing with fellow students.


For NEW AND RENEWING MEMBERS, Click here to view the 2023 Membership Registration Form.pdf


Annual Membership Fee Deadline

Our 2023 membership, which runs from October to the following June 30th is only $10.  This shorter time and lower fee is to accommodate the merger of Taka Sumi-e and Washu Kai painting groups.   To join or renew your membership, complete the Membership Registration Form above and mail the form and your check to:

Stella Ting

2966 Ducommun Avenue

San Diego, CA 92122


Kathy McMillen & Alice Rogow, President

Sue Landers & Margie Johnson, Vice President

Stella Ting & Margie Keiko Kitano, Treasurer

Secretary, Gaye Lingley (Newsletter)

Stella Ting, Membership

Chistina Matchett, Workshop Coordinator

Iris Lowe, Communication Coordinator

Joe Cross, Photographer & Newsletter

Ron Lingley, Webmaster

Sarah Barnes, Hospitality

In order for Friends of Sumi-e to continue to be a successful society, we need everyone to get involved. 

Members can work together as co-chairs/team. 

The board welcomes you to be a part of a great team.

Please notify Gaye Lingley at if you are interested  in nominating someone (yourself, perhaps) or have further questions regarding the responsibilities of the positions. 

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