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Joe Cross (Ryujo)

Joe was born in Philadelphia.  In 1945, at the behest of his uncle, he switched from drawing and watercolor to photography.  In 1978 he attended his first Japanese sumi-e brush painting exhibition given by Kazuko (Suzy) Reynolds, known by the artist name of Washu.  In 2000 he started sumi-e training with Takashi Ijichi.  As a member of Washu-Kai he attended demonstrations by Washu.  In 2007 he was elected as president of the Washu-Kai Japanese Brush Painting Society.   After receiving his first-level teaching certification and painting name of Ryujo from Takashi in 2010, he started his own school Ryujo Shikunshi Ryu.  In addition to studying with Takashi, he studies with Tatsuko Sandin (Ryushu) and Kayo Beach (Shuka).

Ryujo School of Shikunshi

Sensei Joe Cross holds classes for his Ryujo School of Shikunshi the first Saturday of the month, except for June and December, in Room 104, Casa del Prado, Balboa Park from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

These classes are free and open to the public


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