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Tatsuko Sandin

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Continuing Education Emeritus Classes

Registration for the Spring Semester is Open.
Sensei Tatsuko has three Sumi-e & Japanese Classical Art classes scheduled for the Spring 2024 semester.

Title: Sumi-e & Japanese Classical Art
Tuesday       12:30pm to 3:00pm, Class # 54781
Wednesday   2:30pm to 5:00pm, Class # 54782
Thursday       5:30pm to 8:00pm, Class # 54783

Tatsuko may be contacted at   

Sensei Tatsuko teaches 3 classes. Tatsuko was born in Okayama, Japan, has lived in the U.S. since her teens.  She earned a BA in Art and a CA teaching credential at Cal. State University-Northridge.


After many years of study with Kazuko "Suzy" Reynolds, a master who taught sumi-e here at SDCE, Tatsuko received a gagō (雅号), a Japanese artist's name (Ryūshū — 龍舟).  She has taught Sumi-e & Japanese Classical Art at SDCE since 2000.


Wa kei sei jaku is a Japanese expression that sums up my feelings about best behavior in classroom settings and everywhere else, too.  The expression was coined by the 16 century chanoyu (tea ceremony—茶の湯) master, Sen Rikyu.


As applied to my classes, it means:

  • 和 (wa) Peace & Harmony: Positive interaction between individuals.

  • 敬 (kei) Respect: The ability to understand and accept others, even those we maybe in disagreement with.  In order to get respect, one must give respect.

  • 静寂 (sei jaku) Tranquility:  The result of achieving the combination of peace and harmony along with respect.  Only with tranquility can one achieve the state of mind necessary to be creative in a classroom setting.

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